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City Series Homes

City Series Style Homes in Perth – Western Australia

Cedar Homes’ City Series offers Perth families a refreshing alternative to the many mainstream homes that are on offer in WA. We find that we attract a growing portion of the market as people seek out building alternatives that offer individuality in unique home design options. Additionally, the homes we design and build offer practical building designs that are energy efficient. Whether you are looking to build a timeless classic design filled with old-world charm, or perhaps a more ‘Hamptons’ style or cutting-edge ‘Urban modern’ design with steel balustrades and ‘clean line’ elements – we can build the style you prefer, inclusive of all the modern specifications available in today’s market. If you desire a once-off ‘custom design’, we will work with you to come up with the perfect design and style that reflects your individual preferences and consider your site and the possible practical one-off constraints it may hold.

From the very vintage and colonial elements such as finials, timber balustrades, ornate elbows, verandah friezes, and timber gabled balconies, through to urban trending/clean line designs – the options are many, which enables us to deliver your unique dream design.

Contact us and tell us about your dream home and let us work with you to ‘make it happen’.