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Yes. All Cedar Homes are treated to protect against termite invasion, as should any home built in the Perth or country area.

Our specification includes the use of the latest, most effective and importantly, human-friendly termite treatments. This includes spraying under the slab being laid as well as home guard which is a physical barrier and gives you a confident 50 year warranty.

In addition, we also use treated structural framing, floors and roof trusses so your home is fully guarded again wide ants and the European woodborer.
It is the owner’s responsibility once the home is handed over to you that an annual inspection is carried out to keep the warranty valid on your home.

Cedar Homes is a well-established and respected timber-framed building company, so we do not assemble steel-framed homes. We specialise in building timber-framed homes as we consider this to be a superior method of building.

There are many benefits associated with building with Cedar Homes. A fast and efficient construction time is one benefit, along with style, quality and comfort – all hallmarks of our timber-frames homes.

Aside from the physical comfort, there is a certain warmth and ambience that greets you when you step through the front door of any Cedar Homes design.

We build to very high standards of engineering and specifications with many features included as standard that you won’t find with alternative methods of construction. For example, we include window and door architraves with timber skirtings throughout, as well as superior insulation qualities inherent in both the walls and ceilings.

It’s the company’s policy, from a quality control point of view, not to sell kits of our homes. It is possible to purchase our homes, built onsite to lockup stage, however this is becoming less common, as owner/builder licences are difficult to obtain and insurance restrictions have been put in place.

Timber frame construction is traditional and widely accepted as being suitable throughout the Perth metropolitan and regional areas of Western Australia. Like al builder, we need to satisfy the requirements of the relevant design codes, however the method of construction has no negative impact on the application process.

There are some specific developments that have restrictions requiring a degree of masonry to be part of the external appearance, and to satisfy this requirement we simply add a skin of bricks to the ground floor of our two storey homes. This method of construction is called brick veneer.

There are a few things to consider outside of the purchase price of any of our homes. Site-specific costs such as earthworks, connections to services and waste management are assessed individually. We can of course help you with quotations for the costs of these things to help you keep within your budget.

All of our homes come with fully fitted and functioning kitchens, bathrooms and laundries, with tiling to all wet areas.

As you can imagine, home construction is sometimes dependent on the weather and really bad weather in winter plays havoc with all building projects. However, timber frame construction is a really efficient way of building, which means we can construct our homes much faster than traditional building methods.

In the majority of cases, construction of our 2 storey homes takes less than 6 months from the commencement of site works. The building of your home in a fast, efficient manner is of paramount importance to us. Much of our business comes from word-of-mouth recommendations, and the fact that in most cases, we keep within the allocated timeframe, is a huge plus for us.

As with any home there is a degree of maintenance required to keep your home in tip-top condition.

Depending on your location, homes with external claddings and weatherboards, combined with a professionally applied quality exterior paint, need to be repainted every 8 to 10 years, while those with Western Red Cedar products require resealing every 4 to 6 years.

Yes. Changes can be made. We offer a degree of flexibility with our designs, however we do recommend that any amendments are submitted prior to the pre-start time. This ensures an efficient and smooth journey through the pre-start selection process.

Yes. We do stump some of our homes, however each site is assessed on its individual merits. Stumping is generally a more costly alternative due to the labour to create the floor system and the materials used, as opposed to simply laying a concrete slab.

As a client of Cedar Homes, stumping is an option that is totally your choice!

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